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The office bases its practice in the attention, reflection and response. The  response is sustained by the realism, because it is naturally critical; it is tolerant because it is creative; it is corageous and hard because it operates on the limits. The practice is committed with time and space, interrogation, inclusion and doubt.

NOARQ is the name of a willingness of doing and thinking by hands. Since 1998, the studio evolved into an area of research, creation and production by drawing: for the land, architecture and everyday objects. 

Today it is located in Trofa, but it still maintains its roots in Porto.

noarq, Siza, Souto Moura


José Carlos Nunes de Oliveira is a Portuguese architect.

He is part of Álvaro Siza Vieira's team from 2000 to 2021, where he is responsible for different projects and works, part of them in collaboration with Arch. Eduardo Souto Moura. Currently dedicated to the activity of author, he focuses his research on landscape design, architecture and everyday objects. He continues to maintains some projects in co-authorship with Álvaro Siza and Arenas y Asociados.


Regional Adviser at Asia Designer Communication Platform, visiting professor at the Master in Architecture and Design (March) at the Universidad Europea de Valencia since 2015 and at the Facultad de Arquitectura y Urbanismo at the Universidad de Belgrano, 2020, is frequently invited as a  visiting lecturer to architecture conferences, workshops and exhibitions at various national and international universities, institutions including the 2019 International Architecture Biennale of Buenos Aires .


He graduated in 1998 at ESAP, under the supervision of Arq. Nuno Mateus (ARX Portugal, Lisbon). In 1996 he builds his first project, a house, and starts his professional activity. Between 1998 and 2000 he works with the architect Paulo Costa and collaborates with the architect Jorge Teixeira de Sousa. In 2001 he officially founded his office NOARQ  in Porto. Alongside his collaboration with the architect Siza and his activity, in 2003, together with his parents, he founded B.LOFT, a shop for interior design and designer furniture. In the same year, he obtained the Advanced Studies Diploma in the course of PhD at the University of Valladolid. Due to the intense project activity, in 2002 he interrupted his doctoral thesis.


Actively enganged in many national and international architecture competitions, his work has earned numerous awards and distinctions. The work of the NOARQ studio is documented in detail in two international monographs and has been widely published in the national and international specialist press.




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