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Guimarães, Portugal


author  NOARQ - José Carlos Nunes de Oliveira  program renovation of a disco club  collaborators  arch. Hugo Araújo, arch. Joana Leite Pinto  structural project  ESPAÇOS RECTOS – Engenharia e Arquitectura, Lda  lighting and decoration   arch. Juliana Costa –  B.LOFT  constructors SOMAFER – Soares & Soares ; B.LOFT; Marnorte  photography  João Morgado




“(…) project, plan, design, should not become, for the architect, the creation of senseless forms imposed by fashion or any other whim. (...) they should be the result of a wise balance between the personal vision and the circumstance that involves it and so he must know it intensely, so intensely that knowing and being merge together. (…)”


Fernando Távora

These words gave me comfort to avoid the frivolous that invades the soul of managers and the expectations of consumers in shopping centres, especially the nocturnal ones. The interior project of a nocturnal space must be the extension of an identity, of a brand, of a name, like the commercial space it is. More than the expression of an aesthetic sensitivity or construction technique, by the author of an architecture project, it must be a proposal that can be extended to all the details that comprise the material, form, image and how the services are provided. In short, the selection of strategies and instruments to conform to the identity would be, I believe, a subliminal revelation of the name – Século XIX (19th Century).
The study of the history of cafés, grocers and taverns would be the reason for the design.
History cannot be corrected. We corrected part of the building.​ We inverted the orientation of the space. We demolished two pillars with a 1.2 X 0.6 m base each, in what would be the dance floor. We peeled off successive layers of covering until we reached the original granite grafted with concrete. We brought the limits of the scenic space into line with the display furniture and the bar. We selected the materials depending on the place: wooden floor, Estremoz marble for the work surfaces, enamelled carpentry, brass lamps. We paved part of the exterior space with granite cobbles.


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