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Matosinhos,Porto, Portugal


author  NOARQ - José Carlos Nunes de Oliveira  program single family house  collaborators arch. Gonçalo Ferreira; arch. Hugo Araujo  structural project  eng. Afonso Serra Neves - GEPEC  hydraulic and acoustic project  Rossana Pereira - GEPEC electricity, telecommunications and security eng.  Alexandre Martins- GPIC gas and AVAC project  eng. Raul Bessa - GET  contractors Pedro Sousa - Sociedade Unipessoal, lda; Ordep Mobiliario.  photography  João Morgado  intervention area 390  m²




They came to me and asked me to design a 160 m² house for €80,000. I told them it wasn't possible; I proposed them to raise the budget a bit, and I would have accepted.
Poetry is not exclusive property of the wealthy.
A few days later they returned; they could go as high as €100,000.

I love a good headache!

The shape of the plot of land was shaped as a slice of pizza, but the flat topography did not accompany the slope of the road towards the west. In order to meet the budget, we identified the most expensive components of a work: 

1. We limited the number of bathrooms (only two for the two floors, one with a bath).

2. We chose energy efficiency rather than finishing materials. We designed a mini-bunker: a reinforced concrete structure, bare on the inside, covered with 8 and 10 cm ETICS on the outside.

3. The same austerity was used in rationalising the available area. In the middle of the ground floor, a 5.2 x 3.7 m block contains the kitchen, the toilet, the stairs (storage space in the garret) and living room bookcase.

The rest of the space was divided without using partitions.
We were out by €10,000.


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