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Vila Nova de Famalicão, Braga, Portugal


author  NOARQ - José Carlos Nunes de Oliveira  program renovation of a single family house  collaborators arch. Rui Cardoso, arch. Ana Coelho, arch. Joana Pinto, arch. Gonçalo Ferreira  structural project  A400 – eng. Francisco Bernardo  hydraulic project A400 – eng. Francisco Bernardo electricity and telecommunications  GPIC – eng. Fernando Aires gas and AVAC project   GET – eng. Raul Bessa  contractors 1st phase: M. Serafim, Construção Civil Lda. 2nd phase: Pedro Sousa Construções Unipessoal. 3rd phase: A Adopthouse - Construções Lda.  photography Arménio Teixeira  intervention area  490  m²




A proposal to improve and expand a 202.09 m²  house built in the 70s to the contemporary needs of comfort for a household of 4 people. The building is isolated in a wooded part of an old closed condominium according to the description on the original license. The primitive house had two floors. Without questioning the patrimonial value of the existing building, the proposal kept the current volume and offered it the services and the family's social spaces. The house was expanded westwards, where a central patio was cut out along with another one where the house meets the dorsal of the hill. A garage was added beside the house at the ground floor level.

The works brought the gross area up to 469.11 m². The landscaping was a major concern so that the new would emerge organically from the old and over the nature of the place, like the root of a tree that is growing, it moves through the ground and anchors life to the earth.
From the language point of view, the proposal takes advantage of the most affirmative existing element – the roof – using the latent force of its profile positively, to redesign and adapt it to the slope of the woods.

The house was built up on walls and slabs of reinforced concrete and masonry. The floors are covered with American pine and stone from Molianos. The garage and storage areas have epoxy flooring. The waterproofed external areas are covered with wooden decking.
The external walls are covered with an ETICS system and black Viroc panels. The roof is made of zinc.


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